2018 Rules

The Southwest Broward Republican Organization - SWBRO - has established the

Harris L. Klein Memorial $1,000 Scholarship Essay Contest

The Scholarship Award is to promote the education of our future community leaders as well as memorialize

Mr. Klein’s love of country and his many contributions through his 21 years of service in the U.S. Air Force and his many, many years of service through his holding local civic offices, serving on boards and working in various community organizations.  With this award, we seek to identify talented youth that demonstrate

Mr. Klein’s spirit of self-reliance and personal responsibility in a free society.


Graduating 2018 high school senior students planning to further their education at an

Institution of higher in learning, are eligible to enter to win this $1,000 Scholarship.


Essay Contest Rules

ESSAY TOPIC FOR 2018: Explain why and how self -reliance and personal responsibility were built into the U.S., Constitution by the Founders and vital to a free society.  Students may or may not title their essay.


ESSAY REQUIREMENTS:  All Essays must be submitted as a Word document, be typed,  double spaced

with  600 to 650 words.  The essay may not include graphics, photos or a resume of the student.


SEPARATE COVER PAGE – student should submit a separate cover page with the Essay with their name, address, telephone number and E-mail address and the name of the high school they attend and name of the school of higher learning they plan to attend. 


BLIND GRADING:  The essay will be judged on content, originality, grammar, spelling, punctuation, overall presentation and compliance with rules. 


SUBMISSION BY E-MAIL:  All essays to be submitted via e-mail to rmr121@comcast.net  with the subject line being: Harris L. Klein Memorial Scholarship Essay for both Essay and Separate Cover Page.


DEADLINE for submission of Essay -.  Deadline is May 25, 2018.  Any essays submitted after the deadline will not be judged and will not be considered for a scholarship.


DISCLAIMER:  All submissions will become property of Southwest Broward Republican Organization and may be published and /or posted on the SWBRO website.

Thank you in advance for distributing this to your 2018 graduating seniors.

Questions? Email:  rmr121@comcast.net  Subject line SCHOLARSHIP and you will receive a prompt reply.


Kevin Tynan, President, Southwest Broward Republican Organization www.swbroGOP.org